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Alice Cat Head Neon Sign Poster Artwork

Alice Cat Head Neon Sign Poster Artwork

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Introducing the Alice Cat Head Neon Sign Poster Artwork, priced at Rs. 9,999.00 with shipping calculated at checkout. This customizable neon sign is available in sizes 50cm and 60cm, allowing you to choose your preferred emitting and pattern colors. Designed for versatility, it enhances home decor, salons, bars, cafes, bedrooms, shops, parties, weddings, and makes for an ideal gift for birthdays, Valentine's Day, and Christmas. Made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, the sign features flexible LED neon strips and a thick acrylic backplate, ensuring brightness, safety, durability, and energy efficiency with noise-free operation.

Installation is a breeze with the included dimmer for brightness adjustment and pre-mounted holes on the acrylic backplate, along with accessories like chains or screws for easy hanging. Enjoy fast delivery with custom production in 1-2 days and a transport time of 4-9 days. Each package is inspected before shipping and comes with a 365-day warranty. Contact us for assistance, and we'll respond within 12 hours. Choose us for brighter, safer, and more durable neon signs that consume less energy and operate silently without heat emission. Personalize your space with custom designs, no matter how complex, and create a unique atmosphere with our exceptional neon signs.

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